PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Review

Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

Best automatic cat litter box takes over waste disposal from you by automatically eliminating washed out cat litter, so you don’t have to pour out contents manually. The cat litter box niche has witnessed tremendous advancements and now integrates an ingenious self-flipping mechanism to comb through litter.

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PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Review discloses a concept that slowly rotates the stockpiles of cat litter. Dirty litter bands together and the unit will then scrape the waste moving it via a conveyor to the trash rack.

PetSafe Simply offers an easy-to-use system that locks away smells and ultra-safe your cat. The slow-moving bowl whirrs quietly and continuously to sweep waste into a pull-out waste bin.

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Review – 5 Major Features

1. One-Hour Bowl Rotation

The PetSafe Simply litter tray keeps rotating the bowl holding the waste constantly. It churns very slowly without posing any dangers to your cat. Your cat will not get caught inside as it does its business. The bowl rotates one hour per cycle.

The rotating container continually and automatically cleans and eliminates waste. The waste first lands on the conveyor that carries it upstream. Soiled cat litter and deposits fall into a small receptacle along the litter tray. It leaves clean clumping litter and works without bothering your cat.

PetSafe’s automatic and continuous self-cleaning all day provides a fresh litter box with modicum manual intervention.

2. Packages Everything You Need

The best automatic cat litter box PetSafe Simply remains fresh and neat without any scooping or rake-cleaning processes. Pairing with an anti-tracking litter mat provides a spongy, wear-resistant access ramp to stop litter leak-out and spread-out around your house.

Liquid Ate Enzyme cleaner provided renders a chemical-proof cleaner that packs a killer bullet for all pet accident or hard-to-reach areas. The interior dual-way locking pet door installs quickly to give your cat way-in to the unit or food via the interior doorway while preventing dogs from entering.

Minimal scooping, odor-proof and mess-free automatic self-cleaning system provides a fresh and equipped litter box free from your schedule.

3. Superior Construction

The best automatic cat litter box PetSafe Simply dimensions of 26” x 19” x 10” makes the unit suitable for all species of cats. However, it cannot support cats over 15 lbs as they’re too bulky for the litter tray pan. The new variant of the original PetSafe Simply contains holes at the bottom base to let the litter offload more seamlessly.

Rollers fixed beneath the container prevent waste from reaching the bottom of the litter box. The refined electric motor and gears configuration protects against the accumulation of litter dust and waste materials. The strongly-built conveyor will brush off large clumping chunks without getting stuck.

4. Safety Features

Best automatic cat litter box PetSafe Simply self-cleans in a continuous rotation without safety problems. The product’s engineering ensures your cat does its business without sustaining injuries. Although the unit whirrs continuously, your cat does not come into contact with any parts.

The conveyor unit and cover keep it out of reach if your cat decides to dig. PetSafe’s snail-paced rotation does not scare or bother your cat. It removes waste clumping pieces quickly to mitigate bacterial or contaminant dispersion to the surroundings.

The PetSafe Simply lacks visibly exposed parts in motion and runs a quiet one-hour rotation that will not startle and scare your cat.

5. Quick, Easy Waste Removal & Cleaning

For the best automatic cat litter box PetSafe’s waste disposal, change the recycled plastic biodegradable bag every day. Force out the waste receptacle, tie the bag’s handles and discard waste materials. Swap with a clean, biodegradable bag and slip it in the unit.

To start cleaning, unplug the appliance and detach the conveyor cover. Unscrew the litter bowl and conveyor unit. Pull out the litter bowl and empty wasted litter. If you need further cleaning, you can submerge the litter box in water and add a mild detergent. Rinse and dry carefully before reassembly. Do not expose electrical parts to water and cleaning solutions.

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Why should you use PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic?

1. Green Indicator Light

If the PetSafe operates appropriately, a green indicator light on the plane of the unit stays ON. In case of clogging or misalignment of the conveyor system and waste receptacle, the indicator light switches off.

2. Economical and Eco-Friendly

The PetSafe does not need expensive waste container bags as its waste receptacle design accommodates contents like a standard biodegradable supermarket bags. The litter box shines through as highly economical and environmentally-safe self-cleaning system.

3. Cuts Back Litter than Traditional Litter Boxes

The best automatic cat litter box PetSafe gobbles up less litter than conventional litter boxes. With traditional litter boxes, you must scoop and replenish clumping litter every day, but with this unit, you only have to clean regularly and refill as desired.

4. No Mechanical Failure

A patented rotating system reliant on the conveyor belt revolves slowly to minimize jamming or waste clogging. It reduces downtimes in contrast to rake-based litter boxes. The conveyor system’s cover and ultra-silent purrs provide a pet-friendly environment.

5. Odor and Microbial Control

The best automatic cat litter box will fight foul odor and disease-causing bacteria with the use of clumping litter. Cleaning once every two weeks will contain cat litter smells.

Product Benefits
  • Economical and eco-friendly litter box system
  • No extra accessories to maintain efficiency
  • No-scooping, odor-proof, and mess-free waste disposal system
  • Always fresh and clean, at the ready for your cat
  • No conspicuous moving components
  • Whisper-silent, ultra-slow self-rotating and cleaning mechanism
The Negative Things
  • Not suitable for cats over 15 lbs as their weight will stress the motor leading to failure
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the slow conveyor belt move the waste into the receptacle without breaking messy pieces?

The unit moves litter clumps cohesively into the bin without breaking apart.

  1. How frequently do I need to replace the recycled, biodegradable bag?

Based on your cat’s pooping and urinating frequency, you should replace them when full or daily to prevent odor build-up and a bacterial bloom.

  1. How old does my kitty need to be to use the PetSafe Simply?

The manufacturer recommends the kitty litter box for kittens aged six months or above.

  1. Can I use the system for multiple cats?

Yes, but not more than two felines or above the recommended weight.

  1. Does it work with only one brand of clumping litter?

No, you can replenish using premium clumping or scoopable cat litter for excellent results.

Final Verdict

Best automatic cat litter box. With the PetSafe, you will spend less time scooping as the appliance continuously self-washes without bothering your cat. Unlike its rake-driven models, this PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Review introduces a self-rotating, one-hour concept.

The litter box will go a long way reducing foul odor, litter dust, and disease-causing microbes. You can use clumping litter or recycled, biodegradable bags to cut back environmental pollution.

If your cat checks in at 15 lbs or less and you have a knack to replace the disposable bags, the PetSafe offers the most exquisite picking. No carbon filters or complicated filters. Clean it in a breeze after a simple disassembly.