Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews 2018 – Our Top 10 Picks:

Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews

So many people are discussing the new self cleaning litter box and I know you also came in this article looking for self cleaning litter box reviews. Right? However you cannot decide which product and/or model is the most suitable for you. Keep reading to discover and find out which is the best.

self cleaning litter box reviews

Top 10 Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews

1. PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

scoopfree self cleaning litter box

Our accolade goes to the PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box as the product takes over waste management and disposal with an ultra-efficient system. The litter box self-washes with crystal litter that sucks up urine and desiccates solid waste to minimize odor. The cover trap functions to seal in the residue and odor to prevent human contact. It’s also equipped with a disposable leak-free tray and lid for a hygienic cleanup instantly.

The ScoopFree Litter Box runs for weeks at full pelt with no hand-scooping, cleaning and crystal replenishment. Pair it with the anti-tracking litter mat to shake off waste and inhibit spillover messes. It’s five times more robust at repelling odors than non-clumping and clumping litter. Use premium crystals that eat up less litter than rival boxes with low-tracking and 99% dust-free. You’ll only intervene infrequently to pre-fill disposable litter receptacle with crystal litter, and it will work like clockwork. Sensors detect your furry pal’s entry and exit for a 20-minute delay time before self-cleaning.

Automated rake sifts through the litter, eliminating waste into a sealed waste trap that locks away odors. The biodegradable waste tray provides hygienic and eco-friendly disposal.

The product comes with one bag of original scent litter and one disposable litter tray with lid. The rake assembly purrs silently without coming into contact with your cat. When it comes to cleaning, you can do it once per month depending on how your cat uses the ScoopFree. Detach the rake, waste trap tray, and liners for cleaning using soap and warm water.

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  • The leak-proof tray diminishes messes as not waste doesn’t spew.
  • The unit boasts built-in features that render hassle-free maintenance and cleaning.
  • You can acquire it for a large or medium-sized breed as it has more space for your cat to dig or hide excreta.
  • Disposable litter trays fuss-free and enhanced handling
  • Cats on high crude fiber or ash content egests more solid waste that prematurely overflows the waste trap
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Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

2. ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box

ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews

ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box offers an exclusive and self-reliant feline waste disposal system. It comes with a superior performance rake assembly, throwaway litter trays, built-in sensors, and a completely adjustable timer to permit straightforward tweaking. The integrated privacy hood acts as a canopy for your furry friend to feel more at ease and cheerful when doing their business.

It comes with an anti-stick rake that runs a sifting action to separate soiled litter and deposit into a waste receptacle. It’s super-effective at odor control while it self-cleans for weeks without hand scooping, refilling, and washing. Unlike its ScoopFree, the new version possesses a health encounter feature that works as a diagnostic tool.

You only pitch in once per month to swap the disposable tray pre-filled with crystal litter for a fast, easy and eco-friendly cleanup. It’s ultra-safe for your cat as the rotating rake does not run while he’s inside because of the delayed cleaning. The crystals moisture and odor uptake require far much less litter than other litter boxes while it’s dust-proof. It’s elegantly constructed to provide a hygienic ambiance for your cat to retreat and do it business. You can run a self-cleaning cycle by selecting the settings.

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  • Impermeable waste tray for odor termination and undemanding cleanups
  • Throwaway litter tray for simple handling
  • Leak-proof lined trays for straightforward and quick cleaning
  • Detachable rake system for more comfortable cleaning
  • Health counter monitors frequency and maps out a health pattern
  • Adjustable timer for choosing the most excellent raking frequency
  • Privacy hood allows confident and blissful time for your cat under the canopy
  • Powerful crystal litter diminishes odors better than clumping and non-clumping litter
  • May require frequent stirring to distribute hydrated crystals for efficiency
  • Works well if your cat consumes food with no fillers and byproducts
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Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

3. Litter-Robot III Open-Air – Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

Litter-Robot III Open-Air comes in a tightly closed enclosure that minimizes messes or odor. Made from high-end materials in an elegant design, it unfolds roomy interiors and opulence that adds a spin of modernity to your cat’s lifestyle. The unit cuts back 30% of litter wastage while allowing the user to ditch messy cleaning and hand-scooping. The Litter Robot’s sphere-shaped and rotating design eliminates the soiled litter from the fresh clumping. The precision-operated cycle prevents the buildup of biological contaminants and requires minimal maintenance and cleaning.

The entirely automatic cleaning process helps you cut chunks of time you would spend on a traditional model. The Litter Robot III comes with an intelligent self-regulating weight sensor to identify cat sizes with precision. Just like the outgoing models, the unit self-washes after the cat’s exit for safety. During the mechanical cleaning, the waste ends up in a waste receptacle drawer at the bottom of the product’s dome. The design permits more litter waste efficiency. The process kicks in after every 3-to-7 minutes after the cat’s exit. Litter combed through isolates the soiled and unsoiled litter before depositing into a waste receptacle.

It comes in a sleek and elegant design while the mechanical sensor can detect cats checking in at 5 lbs or more. A night-light function comes in handy for aged or ill cats. The Litter Robot III also includes a Full Drawer Indicator LED light, auto Night Light, 8-hour sleep mode and adaptable delay-time settings.

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  • Most excellent picking for all breeds of cats
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Hands-free, no-scooping solution
  • Suitable for a variety of cat litter brands
  • 7-minute cleaning cycle after every exit
  • Quieter than automatic litter box systems
  • Locks away pungent odor with a carbon filtration mechanism
  • The unit’s large design eats up space indoors making it unsuitable for tiny houses or condos
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4. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

The CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box works like it sounds-it’s a small toilet. With the CatGenie’s automatic cat-activated cycle, it will handle all the messes without manual input. Use the T-adapters to connect to a washer drain and keep cat waste at bay. Keep the unit’s lid closed and frequently flush to expel your feline’s excreta away. It comes with a permanent and eco-friendly cleaning solution. You can deter litter tracking and tighten the purse strings on buying granules by positioning the waste case on an extensive, textured mat that brushes off attached granules and bouncing them back into the unit.

Most cats tend to do their business under cover of darkness or from sight. The optional cover provides privacy. The domed shape helps reduce the volume of granules that your cat can hurl on the floor if they decide to cover waste. With the optional dome, your nose will not capture odors as it completely flushes away waste with no messy scooping. It operates in three programming options-including the cat-activated mode, auto-start, and manual setting. The cat-activated option detects entry and exit to delay cleaning for ten minutes for safe usage. The auto-start allows you to adjust it to run from one-to-four times to prevent ossified waste that may cause clogging.

The child lock prevents accidental triggers of a cleaning process. The CatGenie waste case uses biodegradable granules and cartridges as well as premium washable crystals.

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  • Eliminates any hand-scooping or cleaning
  • Roomy bow to accommodate the largest breeds of cats
  • Self-flushes waste away like our toilets
  • Genie Hand sifts solid waste into a hopper for hydration and liquefying by an impeller and urine rinsed for disposal to the sewer or septic
  • Easy hook-up
  • Requires frequent cleaning of cartridges
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5. Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box makes scooping easier as it triggers self-cleaning for a sterilized gadget after use. The unit incorporates smart sensors that detect the exit of your cat from the case for a 15-minute delay time before self-cleaning starts. The sensor acts as a safety function when your cat re-enters to delay cleaning. During the cleaning cycle, a metallic rake removes clumps and leaves litter behind. The waste drawer locks away odor combined with carbon filters. The Pet Zone features a high-performance rake motor that runs a near-silent operation. You can use disposable kitchen bags, but you won’t touch dirty waste and litter pans.

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box comes in a modular design for seamless cleaning of multiple components. Its angled deflector equipped with fins and elevated height keeps clumps inside the pan and prevents spillover. It works with all brands of clumping litter and a simple plug-in. Add it to your cat to unpack a generous set of no-touch plastic bags and a cleaning scoop. Forget the pricey crystal cartridges and plastic receptacles. You will only intervene to empty and eliminate the dirty litter once in a while. You can dismantle and reassemble for more natural cleaning of essential components.

It’s suitable for a small kitty, average-size or larger breeds while its compact shape snugly fits shrunk spaces. The widespread waste compartment permits prolonged use by your cat before any scooping while higher side walls prevent waste spillage.

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  • Straightforward setup
  • Quieter than rival models in the market
  • Maintains ever-fresh and spotless litter all time
  • Any brand of cat litter works efficiently
  • Easy waste disposal system
  • Elevated side walls deter waste spillover
  • Painless cleaning and unfussy replacement procedure
  • Economical plastic bags gobble up massive waste for huge savings
  • Generous dimensions for full-grown species of cats or multi-cat households
  • Cats acclimate quickly
  • Rake may jam or miss clumps at the base leaving messes
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Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

6. Littermaid LM980 Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

The Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box sounds like a pretty reliable handmaid to nip cat waste issues in the bud once and for all. It’s a byproduct of ever-evolving cat world technology that brings a convenient cleaning system. It boasts an electronic rake drive assembly that rotates to sweep waste clumps into an attached waste receptacle. The receptacle also locks away unpleasant odors and waste from sight. Its extra-large capacity with high side walls accommodates more massive cats and spillage of captured waste on your floor. It’s suitable for multi-cat households or cats weighing more than 15 pounds.

You can detach the automatic rake for gentle cleaning while a safety bar alerts you when the machine encounters an obstacle. The LM980 has an optional sleep timer that deactivates the unit overnight as you sleep. A safety sensor blocks and unblocks after your cat leaves the box to launch a cleaning cycle. Your kitty may like to track waste out when it gets embedded in the paws after using the litter box. But the LM980 puts a stop to this with a paw-cleaning ramp that mimics a foot-wiping doormat.

The LM980 packages bundle several receptacles, scoop and rake cleaner, and four Carbon Filters, making rake cleaning a breeze. The rake’s first-grade and sturdy plastic materials do not collect dirt like metal. A new design with dual push buttons permits quick removal of the rake for easy cleaning.

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  • Automatically scoops the waste
  • Minimizes the number of scooping rounds
  • Straightforward cleaning
  • Vast litter area to accommodate multiple cats
  • Fast, accessible waste collection and disposal
  • Paw cleaning ramp saves your house from spillovers
  • Rake permits easy scooping and cleaning
  • 10-minute delay timer provides a secure and safe bathroom for your feline companion
  • Unit’s drive system produces a loud noise
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7. LitterMaid LM680C Automatic Self-Cleaning Classic Litter Box

LitterMaid LM680C

Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

The LitterMaid LM680C has made it to the map of single cat households self-cleaning litter boxes. It runs on a waste-removal rake assembly to sift waste and reuse clean litter. It comes with a built-in carpeted ramp for easy access and high-wall design to keep litter inside the waste case. The slope also helps prevent litter tracking by shaking off from your cat’s paws. The unit cleans after the integrated sensor detects your furry pal has finished his business with a rake that purges the clumps into a waste holder that includes a carbon filter to fight odors. Detachable rake assembly permits straightforward cleaning.

It holds waste materials for up to four days for one cat and works with easily disposable receptacles. A large litter pan area carves out space for your cat to stretch or hide excrement. It packs innovative features that reduce the scooping needed by traditional litter boxes. The LM680C also integrates a sleep timer that keeps everything on hold at night by shutting the rake-sifting action. The machine functions with a modicum of scooping and maintenance than traditional litter boxes. LM680C’s ultra-sturdy and durable drive mechanism, as well as robust construction, will grow old with your cat to his ninth life with zero downtimes.

It works like a charm once you press the ON/OFF push-button. A LED light blinks to indicate obstruction on the raking path-line or low-battery for more convenient use. The detachable rake assembly permits quick cleanup. Sensors provide a safe litter box and prevent premature rake breakdown.

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  • High-wall litter box design and paw-cleaning mat curbs waste spillover
  • Super-efficient in odor control
  • Sensor delays prevent scary mechanized operations
  • Superior performance raking system that pushes waste into an odor-proof holder
  • Uses replaceable cartridges that gobble up more bucks
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Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

8. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Regular, Taupe

Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box dominates with its innovative design that keeps your home fresh and clean with a simple flip. Just toss the unit to the right for the mess to poke through the patented grill into a removable tray. It stands out in a crowded marketplace as you won’t have to touch or wield a scooper. The design has a curved left corner which promotes the easy three-step roll motion cleanup. The unit packs a roomy interior for seamless access and usage by large, small, medium or gigantic breeds of cats. The hooded canopy will lock away unpleasant pet odor.

It’s an excellent choice if you want a scooping-free litter box that will make the disposal process more straightforward. The waste receptacle has a design that slides waste out in a draw-like way for efficient disposal of waste. To stay ahead of the competition, it does not require a battery or electric power, filters and rake cleaners. It’s a simple but down-to-earth in capturing and disposing of waste as well as locking away odor and preventing sputtering. The roll-away Omega Paw comes in two sizes. The larger one accommodates more massive cats or multi-feline households. You only intervene to remove the waste receptacle and empty, the inbuilt and patented grill eliminates fecal clumps for mess-free and straightforward waste disposal.

The Omega Paw unique and subtle shaping with no electronics or mechanical parts means zero malfunctions. If you seek to avoid scooping, this product makes the most elegant picking. And you don’t need deep pockets to provide your pet with a clean litter box, it’s incredibly inexpensive and rolls ‘n’ cleans with no pricey liners, filters or cartridges.

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  • Easy-to-roll ‘n’ clean as 1, 2, 3
  • Compatible with all species of cats, large, medium or small
  • Inhibits unpleasant odors
  • Cleans all cat waste without a scooper
  • Ultra-safe, no electromechanical system
  • Fit for furry friends who go to the bathroom frequently
  • Affordable and ultra-efficient solution
  • Eats up quite a heck of interior space
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Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

9. PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Review

By far the feline’s newly found trump card to overthrow the canine as man’s best friend, the PetSafe Simply Clean unit stays freshened, odorless and at the ready. It outclasses other models as the only cat waste disposal system that cleans up and eliminates litter continuously and automatically. Invest in a quiet, slow conveyor subsystem that continually combs through the litter and reduces waste in one complete rotation per hour. Waste offloaded into the covered bin removes it from sight and diminishes odor. With clumping litter and biodegradable bags, the PetSafe Simply Clean provides a fast, hygienic cleanup.

The 24/7 self-cleaning cycle offers a flagpole feature separating PetSafe Simply Clean from the competition. Continued disposal minimizes biological contaminants and odor for a pristine clean toilet for your furry friend. The environmentally-friendly unit uses a low-voltage AC adapter that runs the 24-hour cleaning when left plugged in all day or more. Less urine and feces during each sifting cycle prevents a litter-waste mixture. The litter box eats up less litter than traditional models. What’s more, the Simply Clean comes with an innovative drive assembly that functions in a silent whisper operation with no visible moving components; your cat will not get frightened or disrupted while using it.

The package comes with a bowl, conveyor, waste bin, bowl guard and a low-voltage AC adapter. It snugly accommodates cats of up to 15 pounds and consumes less power for energy-efficiency. You will no longer hand-scoop, experience nasty odors or sputtered messes.

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  • Modicum scooping demands
  • Quiet and straightforward operation
  • Incessantly cleans without disrupting your furry companion
  • Bowl one-hour cycle maintains a spotlessly clean unit
  • Diminishes foul odor or disease-causing microbes
  • No specific bags, supplies, filters, and accessories
  • Reliable and sturdy construction
  • Lined waste bin allows painless clean-up with recycled bags
  • Waste diggers unleash unpleasant messes, and small fragments of waste may escape the raking action
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Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.

10. Hagen CatIt SmartSift Litter Box

Hagen CatIt SmartSift Litter Box Review

If you want to quit scooping and deter dust and odors, the Hagen CatIt SmartSift Litter Box packs all you need. The Hagen CatIt SmartSift Litter Box comes with a pull-and-refresh system that brushes off waste easily in a drag. It recycles clean litter in the pan while eliminating waste clumps in an arrayed-collection bin for seamless waste management and disposal. Your cat will relish its closed design for privacy. An integrated carbon filter prevents odor diffusion, eco-clean construction and dual-cat liners promote straightforward clean-up. A see-through access window and a large telescoped door allow easy entry and exit for your cat.

With a maintenance access door and an automated litter sifting pan, it ditches arduous litter maintenance. The box has a large cover and a plastic flap on the entrance. The SmartSift packs ample space for large, average and small cats. It works efficiently with all manner of clumping litter. The SmartSift lacks electromechanical parts and cables to reduce mechanical failure. No expensive replacements, meaning you’ll save plethora bucks with eco-friendly technology. It’s whisper-silent and ultra-safe for your cat. The large litter pan area holds up more chunks of waste before emptying or replacing liners. The built-in carbon filter will keep odors at bay and require infrequent replacement.

Deep, compressed design diminishes accidents and prevents litter from scattering. The plastic door further cuts back messes. It’s recommended you push the sweeping lever once per day and expel the waste pan once per week.

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  • Push-and-refresh lever sifting system eases litter maintenance
  • Dual cat pat liners allow hassle-free maintenance
  • No mechanical rake assembly
  • Safe and whisper-silent operation
  • No replaceable motors or electronics
  • Enclosure prevents waste sputtering and fosters feline privacy
  • Entrance too elevated for ill or aged cats; you have to train them during acclimation
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Well that’s it our self cleaning litter box reviews, we hope after reading this article you can decide which model is perfect for you, good luck. Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews.