Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box Review

Smart Scoop An automatic litter box will take over the obnoxious task of scooping waste from your feline’s restroom. Cleaning cat litter manually exposes you to unpleasant odor and microbes. Without a self-cleaning automatic litter box, your cat will do its business anywhere.

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The market bristles with multitudes of auto self-cleaning litter boxes giving you endless options for quality and price. Most models come with a smart sensor for activating the cleaning cycle a few minutes after your cat departs from the box.

We invite you to browse through our dispassionate Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box Review to know the product’s upside and detailing. The Smart Scoop works subtly as its name sounds by using less litter altogether. It remains ever-clean, efficiently picks up waste, and possesses a built-in rake assembly for superior performance.

Smart Scoop’s revolutionary features lie at the heart of the benefits reaped by you and your cat.

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box Review – 5 Major Features

1. Robust Construction

The Smart Scoop comes with a litter tray, a metallic scooping rake, carbon filter, AC power adapter, and a disposable container. The branded carbon filter locks away obnoxious odors. It packs enough room to hold cat litter for roughly one week; you do away with changing bags each day.

The machine’s high-performance motor and top speed torque operate quietly without distressing your cat. Its quiet motor unit boasts metal gears for unsurpassed durability.

The lofty pinnacle of the Smart Scoop accommodates waste in the unit’s 16” ×14” litter pan area without spilling over. It comes with six no-contact plastic bags and a clean-up scoop.

2. Strongly-Built Metal Rake

The clean power Smart Scoop’s rugged metal rake design made from sturdy metal gears renders ultra-powerful muscle activity to scoop the enormous clump chunks. Its sensor triggers the rake assembly 15 minutes after your cat leaves the litter box to start combing through the waste and scooping up every bit.

Afterward, the rake forces the chunks down a watertight disposal. The rake scoops and disposes of isolates clean litter from waste clumps. With your Smart Scoop, the rake’s mechanism keeps the unit clean giving your cat a decent area to do its business. The rake scooping and electronic self-cleaning process operate without making loud noises.

3. Automatic Cleaning Mechanism

Smart Scoop’s integrated sensors activate the self-cleaning cycle 15 minutes after the cat climbs into the unit. The delay period provides enough time for the waste to form chunks in the tray.

Automatic rake moves waste across the unit and clump deposits embedded on it fall off without any cleaning. The litter box’s electronic waste collection scoops all the chunks and shovels it into the collection bin.

Automatic scooping of the litter box for every trip made by your cat keeps the appliance clean always and ready for use. Smart Scoop will meet multi-cat demands as it cuts down on the intensive kitty pan cleaning needs.

4. Modicum Maintenance

The modular construction of the Smart Scoop keeps the motor, waste unit, rake assembly, and deflector separate for zero downtimes with simple maintenance. If the litter box self-cleans every time your cat uses it, it will run efficiently.

The minimalist design lets you disassemble the unit into easily-cleanable parts. Apart from delicate electronics ensconced in the motor compartment, you can submerge other parts in warm, soapy water to clean.

After replenishing or removing litter, wash the sensor lining with a soft, dry fabric to keep it in proper function. Smart Scoop comes with a rake comb that helps scrape the rake’s tines and detach any sticky litter clumps.

5. Suitable for All Clumping Litters

Smart Scoop’s design lets you use clumping litters rather than cat litter as this may traumatize your furry. Clumping litter ensures that moisturized waste turns into solid clumps that the Smart Scoop can take out from the box. If you own one cat, empty and clean the container, then refill fresh litter approximately once each month.

Multi-cat households will need more frequent emptying and refilling of clumping litter. Given that you remove litter daily consider sprinkling a negligible amount of litter after a few days.

Replace the No-Touch waste bags and Activated carbon filters for maximum odor and waste control. Removable litter pan and waste unit only require regular cleaning.

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Why should you use Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box?

1. Best Bang For Your Buck

A vast majority of self-cleaning litter boxes require unique and pricey refills or replacements. With the Smart Scoop, however, inexpensive replacement plastic bags will hold the cat’s waste. Additionally, you can choose any cat litter to breathe fresh air to the surroundings where your cat does its business.

2. Minimalist and Super-Quality Build

Rugged and robust metal design churns out tons of muscular power to scoop large clump chunks. Modular construction sorts out parts for quick disassembly and maintenance. The unit runs quietly without household nuisances or cat-scaring noises. The highly developed angled deflector equipped with fins has a raised height to keep clumps within the litter pan.

3. Scooping and Odor Control

The Smart Scoop self-cleaning litter box boasts a robust sensor that fires up the rake assembly 15 minutes after your cat departs. Scooping action picks up waste clumps, and the litter box remains the cleanest. Whether you use the unit for one or multi-cat, it needs less litter overall. The carbon filter keeps the litter part smelling fresh while No-Touch waste bins capture waste and odors.

4. Easy Maintenance 

If the waste collection bin becomes full, just detach the tray, remove the waste bag, toss the bag, and swap with a new one. You can take apart the motor unit, waste unit, and rake for cleaning. Do this frequently to prevent clogging or jamming of the rake system. Remove old layers of clumping litter to acclimate your cat without stress when using it the first time.

5. Safety Features

The Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box comes with a sensor that spots when your cat leaves the box. After your cat exits the unit, a 15-minute countdown starts. The motor will shut down if it runs into excessive resistance. The Smart Scoop’s breakaway cord separates if you trip over the cable.

Product Benefits
  • Easy setup and disassembly for thorough cleaning
  • 70% noise cancellation on rival models
  • Automatic self-cleaning keeps the unit clean and fresh
  • Suitable for all clumping cat litter
  • Uses inexpensive plastic bags instead of plastic waste collector trays and crystal cartridges
  • Elevated side-walls
  • Scooping picks up waste without sweeping clean clumping litter into the compartment
The Negative Things
  • The unit’s oversize dimensions for multi-cat use encroaches indoor space
  • As the rake does not comb through the cat litter when cleaning, you must level it manually

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum amount of litter refilled each round?

Do not overfill the litter beyond the Maximum line indented inside the pan. Too much litter will jam the motor leading to premature breakdown.

  1. Can I switch off the Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box at night?

Not a wise idea as it stops the cleaning cycle even after your cat uses it. Chunky clumps will build up and interfere with the operation of the unit.

  1. Can my six-month kitty use the Smart Scoop?

No, the manufacturer does not recommend the unit for kittens below six months old.

  1. Is the electronics accident-proof for my cat?

Absolutely! Smart Scoop comes with safely housed electronics within the motor compartment beyond reach by your cat.

  1. How do I clean the Smart Scoop’s sensitive parts?

Remove the waste receptacle and motor unit to separate the pan for cleaning with warm, soapy water. Detach the litter rake from the waste unit for cleaning.

Final Verdict

The detailed Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box Review recommends the unit for its improved and quieter motor, a sprawling waste compartment and high-rise walls. Although the automatic self-cleaning litter box runs a thorough clump scooping and odor control, you’ll need to do some scrapping.

Use high-quality clumping cat litter for more efficiency. The Smart Scoop attains excellent results with solid stools and gathering waste from the middle of the pan. It fits a bottom-dollar budget as you do not need to purchase pricey cartridges or disposable trays.

Rugged and long-lasting metal gears in the drive train and strongly-built motor render seamless operations as well as durability.

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Smart Scoope Autometic Litter Box

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