CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box Review

Cat Genie Litter Box

Cat Genie Litter Box With the self-cleaning litter boxes market swarming with multitudes of products, you can peel layers beneath the pitch for a one-of-a-kind unit. The niche has witnessed the development of innovative technology to redress flaws associated with raking systems used in traditional products.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box Review

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Stiff competition amongst manufacturers gives you the vantage of choosing a unit that automatically scoops, dehydrates, and flushes feline waste out of your house.

In this CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box Review, we will take you through the key benefits, features, and nitty-gritty of the unit. CatGenie will free up your family from arduous cleaning, and you’ll never come in contact, replace or purchase cat litter again. Say goodbye to clay litter in favor of litter-like washable granules.

The self-washing cat box provides a fully automatic means for scooping or disposing of the waste. It mimics a cat litter box, cleans like a white tornado and flushes like your home toilet. CatGenie stands out with its self-washing system combined with branded granules rather than litter.

Distinctive Features |CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box Review

1. Self-Flushing Toilet-Like System

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat BoxThe cat genie litter box will soak up the urine from the granules leaving solid waste for flushing. The patented GenieHand scoops out the waste deposits towards a chamber positioned in the hopper and fresh water pours into the box. An impeller turns this waste into liquid for safe and seamless removal.

Forget disposable waste trays or plastic bags; the unit exhausts the waste liquid through the washer drain pipe hooked directly to your household sewer, toilet rim or septic tank.

After draining off the waste and contaminated water, SaniSolution runs more spinning rinse rounds for disinfection. Lastly, a hot-air blower completely dries out the granules and unit.

2. Super-Quality Package

Cat genie litter box measuring 25.8” ×22.4” ×13.8”, the CatGenie accommodates a maximum of three average-sized cats of 6 months or above. Pet owners with multiple cats usually require more than one litter box. The move can eat up sprawling apace while you expend chunks of time cleaning each litter box.

Armed with one cat genie litter box, you can accommodate three felines and minimize maintenance requirements. Ditch the stinky litter boxes for this unit as it packs odor-resistant and dust-proof granules.

Washable100% septic-safe granules will not damage your sewer system when flushed into it. With its sanitary upside, you will not clean the mess out or carry large cat litter around.

3. Eco-Friendly SaniSolution

The recyclable plastic SaniSolution cartridge disposes of easily than cat litter. Every cartridge supports 120 washes or more and 240 washes while the Cat Activation mode renders 240 rinses.

One year package of cartridges gobbles up less room and requires less plastic in contrast to one container and one month’s delivery of cat litter, making it a green unit. Anti-allergic and eco-friendly litter contains an additive that induces plastic-loving bacteria to decompose the materials.

The cartridge cases decompose naturally in less than ten years, nine months in the septic system and two years in landfills. The litter-free unit reduces the number of landfill pollutants.

4. Customizable and Intuitive Settings

For its operation, the cat genie litter box works in 3 settings, viz. Cat Start (Cat Activation), Auto Start and Push Start. CAT START or Cat Activation cleans the unit 10 minutes after your cat uses the restroom. Unique eye-sensors spot when the cat leaves the litter box or remains inside before activating the cleaning cycle.

Cat Start or Cat Activation operates in dual settings-including the 14-hour Active Mode that will remove the waste automatically and Sleep Mode to halt cleaning for zero noises.

AUTO START lets you run the unit from 1 to 4 rounds per day for multi-cat use. Use the PUSH START to begin the cleaning process by only pressing the button.

5. One-Off DIY Setup & Maintenance

Hook to a water source or line with the T-adaptor supplied and connects into a 120-Volt AC electric outlet interconnecting to the septic or sewer system. In a bathroom setting, the drain hook balances beneath the toilet seat to let waste to draw off into the toilet.

The cat genie litter box comes fully packaged with everything; you’ll only require a wrench or pair of pliers. Cleaning the processing unit and control panel only requires a soft damp fabric slightly moisturized with water.

You can use the instruction manual to replace components, troubleshoot errors and observe symptoms, as well as regular maintenance. Use Cat Activation as it performs better than other modes and poses minimal maintenance.

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Why should you use CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box?

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box home


The SaniSolution cleans and decontaminates the washable granules, Genie Hand, and Bowl. It washes away stench causative agents, helps in drying, and shields the CatGenie system.

On Cat Activation, a single SaniSolution Cartridge supports 240 washes without dehydrating solids as the impeller in the hopper turns it into waste-water. SaniSolution contains zero harmful ingredients and acts as a disinfectant.

2. Going Green

The SaniSolution replaces traditional cat litter such as disposable waste trays. In contrast to other litters, the SaniSolution, cartridge, and the washable granules provide environmentally safe, recyclable and biodegradable alternative. Besides, no hike in your water bill as running the unit means a few extra toilet flushes daily.

3. Self-Washing Waste Removal

The cat genie litter box will drain wastewater without contamination into septic pipes. When mounted in a bathroom, the unit connects to the toilet rim and waste offloads into the toilet. When placed in a laundry, waste ends up in the washer’s drain pipe. The self-flushing appliance does not disrupt your household toilet. The CatGenie lowers to a minimum level and does not overflow.

4. Washable Granules, No Absorbent Crystals

The unit works with cat-harmless and non-absorbent washable granules. Unlike conventional litter, the washable granules undergo thorough washing every cleaning cycle. They meet your cat’s demands to burrow and cover without contaminating paws with microbes from waste deposits. Besides, these non-toxic granules will safely pass through your cat’s digestive canal when ingested.

5. Control Panel Alerts You with Beeps and Blinks

Your cat genie litter box will relay signals with LED blinks and beeps if the unit encounters a cleaning cycle defect. The dashboard packs the Cartridge LED Indicator, Auto Setup Button, Start-Pause Button, and Child Lock Buttons. Child Lock mitigates accidental starts if your kids or furry press the keys.

Product Benefits
  • A fully automatic scooping and waste disposal solution
  • Programmable automatic self-washing keeps the CatGenie clean and decontaminates the area
  • Suitable for multi-cat households
  • Straightforward setup and minimal maintenance
  • Superior design and quality
  • Zero litter contact
  • No jamming rake assembly or disposable waste trays
The Negative Things
  • It performs poorly if your cat releases soft excrement as it tends to remain in the unit while cleaning cycle pulverizes waste producing nasty smells
  • Noisy cleaning cycles
  • Tons of tracking granules needed

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have multiple cats needing many washes, how do I add daily cleaning cycles?

Just force down and release the Auto Setup button until the rounds of washes light. It’s essential to run the cleaning cycle after your cat does its business. Solids may accumulate or harden clogging the system.

2. What’s the perfect time to activate my CatGenie?

Cats habitually defecate 30 minutes after feeding the main meal. Cat experts suggest that cats spend 70% of their day asleep. You need to track your cat’s behavioral patterns. Identify running phases that won’t disrupt your cat’s routine.

3. Washable granules have fallen below the fill-level line?

Although washable granules never need replacement, you should replenish them when the level falls below the line emblazoned inside the bowl. Maintaining granules’ volume to that level is crucial. Keep an extra packaging of washable granules on hand.

4. Can I use or blend cat litter with the CatGenie’s granules?

NEVER try it. It causes substantial damage to the unit and negates your warranty. Even traces of clumping litter blocks pipes, damages the water sensor, and unleash endless errors.

5. My granules have dried but not washed thoroughly?

Remove the lime crusts on the water sensor with a soft fabric moisturized with lemon juice.

Final Verdict

The CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box Review touts this automatic cat litter box for on-the-go pet owners seeking a scooping-free unit. It accommodates one or two cats. But you need to check on your cat’s diet for a meal egested as a firm stool. Carve out enough room in your bathroom or laundry area.

The CatGenie relieves you the burden with a self-adjusting, hands-off and straightforward cat litter cleaning system. Keep your hands off cat litter with the CatGenie’s granules and SaniSolution.

Unlike its rivals, the self-cleaning function of the unit directs waste to the sewer system; SaniSolution prevents odors and poses minimal maintenance demands.

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