How Do Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Work-Probing Inventive & Conventional Art in the Feline World

How Do Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Work

Self-cleaning litter boxes comb out solid waste and feline urine that saturates into clumps. Probing the kitty litter for excrement constitutes a fine kettle of fish that turns off cat owners. But precisely how do self-cleaning litter boxes work? Self-cleaning devices integrate an efficient means of sifting through waste to deposit it into a separate container. The mechanisms run on ... Read More »

The Benefit of Automatic Litter Box

Automatic Litter Box

At AutoPets, we understand that life is not perfect, but when it comes to cat litter, we are very close. That’s why we call it Litter-Robot, our self-cleaning, self-cleaning trash that really works. And we are behind with a guarantee. Here are ten benefits of the Litter-Robot self-cleaning trash that you can count on:   Read also: Overview to Littermaid Self ... Read More »

Overview to Littermaid Self Cleaning Litter Box

littermaid self cleaning litter box

Just like everything else, cat litter boxes are also evolving from the traditional rectangular pan this contained kitty litter to large, covered littermaid self cleaning litter box. These are electronic devices that will comb the filler automatically after your pet has exited the box with the help of a sensor. The litter maid self-cleaning litter box is quickly replacing the ... Read More »